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Garden Walls is your one stop shop for everything Green!  We are the exclusive designers for Green-O2 Living Wall Systems or Green Walls. 

We design and install Green O2 living walls also known as green walls or vertical garden. Our unique soil free system makes it possible to transform any vertical surface into a live wall(Green Wall), either indoor or outdoor. It's a whole new way to think about gardening! It uses minimal floor space yet provides large green space making them perfect for apartment balconies, Restaurants or Corporate Offices.

Our main goal is to create an art of living walls, that purifies air surrounding you, and make your life more justifiable.

And be a part of the urban green movement right here, right now.


I am a person who has seen all shades of life. Born in a village, education brought me to a town where i did my schooling in a English medium school. Later i worked in various streams of banking and insurance in several cities which educated me a LOT ABOUT LIVING.

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Garden Walls is your one stop shop for everything Green! We are the exclusive designer for Green-O2 Living Wall Systems. With full horticultural support and innovative design, our products represent the best quality available in the marketplace today.


These miraculous structures bring Nature back into urban environments. As the concrete jungle expands and pollution rises, the application of living green walls stands to reverse this trend. Incorporating carefully chosen selections of plants into cutting edge design, living green walls have been devised to help restore the natural balance.

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