I am a person who has seen all shades of life. Born in a village, education brought me to a town where i did my schooling in a English medium school. Later i worked in various streams of banking and insurance in several cities which educated me a LOT ABOUT LIVING.

But something was missing

Ten years after working my inner voice asked me what i always wanted to do or to be. That’s exactly when i realised that my life n soul rests in my passion towards plants.I tried planting organic food for home, i had florals all over, i wanted plants all around me in and around me.

i educated myself over the vertical gardens which actually made me think deeper n beyond. And now here i am with the “Garden Walls”.

When you Approach us you will see for yourself how we make it a point to serve you with Humanity and a very deep urge to help you.

Come and explore this amazing science. Let’s work together for our children’s and the future of other generations to follow.

Namaste and Thank You