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About Us - Gaarden Walls is your one stop solution for everything Green! We are the exclusive designers for Green-O2 Living Wall Systems or Green Walls. We are a full service provider of living walls, offering our clients a smooth experience from first contact to maintenance.

Let's Work Together for Our Sake & the Future of Our Future Generations

We are leading producer for vertical gardens,throughout the years; we have developed our expertise in regards to plant solutions in private, public and commercial spaces. We offer customized design for every kind of wall, in accordance with clients’ needs. It uses minimal floor space yet provides large green space making them perfect for apartment balconies, restaurants or corporate Offices.

At Garden Walls, our industrial designers and landscape architects collaborate closely to make sure our living walls and products are designed to last for decades. Our team is composed of different professionals working in an international environment. Garden Walls mission includes a creation of a sustainable design. In order to create truly eco-friendly installations we use the latest irrigation techniques in combination with a high degree of recycled materials

Gaarden Walls team will develop the project from the preliminary phase until the final stages. We offer help with plumbing, lighting design, and landscaping. During a first consultation phase, the client’s wishes and needs will be considered in a collaborative effort to explore all the best design possibilities. Afterwards, Gaarden Walls will provide the system installation, the plant design and optional maintenance contract.

Our main goal is to create an art of living walls, that purifies air surrounding you, make your life more justifiable and be a part of the urban green movement right here, right now.

These miraculous structures bring Nature back into urban environments. As the concrete jungle expands and pollution rises, the application of living green walls stands to reverse this trend. Incorporating carefully chosen selections of plants into cutting edge design, living green walls have been devised to help restore the natural balance. Other Benifits include:


Create work of Living art.
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Air quality

Purify your air.
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Building Protection

Shield from climate change.
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Energy saving

Save your money.
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Health & Wellness

Plants make you feel better.
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Property Value

Marketable green feature.
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Sound or Noise Pollution.
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Government Incentives to IGBC-rated Green Building Projects
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