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Our Maintenance & Care - More than Business, it's our passion!

Outstanding care is at the heart of all living wall projects.

we offer maintenance packages which guarantee a beautiful, lush and healthy green wall at all times. They are intended to eliminate any work by you and to give you total peace of mind. For the first year after installation a maintenance package is required. This is because the critical acclimatization period for the plants is during this time. Packages are offered for subsequent years, so you can insure that your living wall will continue to be gorgeous for many years to come!
The package prices will depend on the overall size of the wall and a quote is provided at the design stage.

Gaarden Walls manages the ongoing maintenance and care of all of the majority of its projects via a national network of trained horticulturists, giving clients total peace of mind.
Before committing to the installation of a vertical garden it is imperative that one understands the importance of regular ongoing maintenance. Gaarden walls offer a proprietary maintenance service that uniquely, includes the cost of any and all replacement plants required.

How much does it cost to maintain our green products?

For budgeting purposes Gaarden Walls always recommend clients allow for approximately 15% of the total install cost per annum in ongoing maintenance.

Gaarden Walls Green O2 walls / Recur Green O2 Living Walls are often a centrepiece of public space. So just as people will notice the vibrancy and health of the plants in your wall garden, they will also quickly pick up one that is discoloured through ill health or natural shedding.

Programmed Maitenance

Removal of shedding foliage
Trimming of plants
Testing the irrigation system
Testing grow lights
Refilling fertiliser
Pest management
Seasonal refurbishments of plants (optional – additional cost).

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