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Green O2 Living Walls

A Green-O2 Living wall is a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation. The abundant collection of plants converts CO2 into oxygen and green wall conditions the air, absorb noise and make our living space’s more enjoyable.

It can be affixed to most surfaces, internal or external, creating a living work of art that delivers fresh air to the immediate surrounds. It can be used as a wall divider / cabin divider.

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Recur Green O2 Living Walls

Grow a living wall easily with Recur Green O2 Vertical Garden Planters. Our hand-made planters are designed using the micro fibers in 100% recycled PET felt that are indestructible and tough..

This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall - it's even safe for vegetables and herbs!

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Poches are Living Wall Planters that allows you to Garden Anywhere! Made from 100% recycled plastic, Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular and infectiously fun! They’re made right here in the India.

Create a Living Painting Poche Green O2 is cute hanging all by itself, but he loves to hang out in a crowd. Create your own flourishing living wall with a few indoor Poche Ones, because Poche is totally modular!

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Table Top

Table Tops are unusual inflatable planter by Gaarden walls. Table Top Green O2 also called as Green O2 Pillow, acts as a flexible houseplant container, equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

They’re made right here in the India by our Garden Walls little family. Live it Up! Garden Anywhere Make plants feel right at home on your patio, rail, fence or gate!

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Living in a tiny apartment doesn’t mean you need to forego plants and gardening -- there are dozens of ways to add greenery to brighten up your space by adapting to the contemporary garden.

We should adapt to contemporary garden ideas, and it should also offer a beautiful and low-maintenance Growing miniature eco systems, known as string gardens which is the latest trend in gardening and home decoration.

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Whether you’re an everyday consumer or an experienced professional, we have products that will fit your needs, we guarantee only the best and greenest gardening solutions. More than a look our products are a commitment to design, performance, and sustainability.

Our Process

Creating a lush and strikingly beautiful vertical garden or any green works that remains healthy and thriving for years is a three step process.


We start by meeting with you and visiting your chosen place. We note down your wishes, view potential spaces and answer any questions that you may have. . In preparing each proposal we always consider natural light available and other elements such as wind, rain, etc.


Next is determining which plants to use. Our strategy is to improve indoor air quality and achieve the greatest visual result. Once the plants have been selected we create blueprints. Once you review our proposal, we will provide you with a detailed quote.


We setup the green products according to your desired design by constructing the irrigation and lighting systems etc and the plants are added. We also provide paid maintenance contract after the installation, for better supervision.

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