Recur Green O2

It's a whole new way to think about gardening!

Grow a living wall easily with Recur Green O2 Vertical Garden Planters. Our hand-made planters are designed using the micro fibers in 100% recycled PET felt. An abundant collection of plants converts CO2 into oxygen and plants wall condition the air, absorb noise and make our living space’s more enjoyable.

The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, a nylon non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough. This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall - it's even safe for vegetables and herbs!

Roots grow right into the felt, which come’s alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil. Our planters come with our custom Root-Wrapping system. This lets you change and re-arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil. Be a part of the urban green movement right here, right now.

Live it Up! Garden Anywhere

Make plants feel right at home. It is a great host! He’ll host your guests at home, school and office. He’s very easy going and loves to live it up!