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Table Top - admire your favorite flowers which will decorate your house so beautifully. Edibles, Florals, Tropicals Oh my! Perfect for an organic kitchen herb garden or outdoor edible farms. Tropical also love Table Top Green O2, as do Succulents.

The Table Top planter from Gaarden Walls India creates a modern, finished look and adds pop of color to your place. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the exterior fabric is lightweight and breathable to allow plants to aerate. Planters include a waterproof barrier that lines the bottom interior. All come with brass accents.

Even natives have a crush on Table Top Green O2. With Table Top Green O2, the plantablities are endless! Learn how to build a Community Garden

Finished and Textured look | Available in four rich colors | Fabric is lightweight, breathable, and allows plants to aerate | Fabric made from 100% recycled bottles | Includes interior waterproof barrier to protect surfaces | Eight sided shape packs flat
Gaarden Walls India Tip:

Use lush, spilling plants to add dimension and shape while using colourful accent plants for an overall dramatic centrepiece.

Size Specifications
Medium : 16"H x 10"Dia | Large : 18"H x 16"Dia

Table Top Green O2 is a great host! He’ll host your guests at home, school and office. He’s very easy going and loves to live it up!