What are Green Walls ?

Green walls are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior wall completely covered with vegetation. Green walls Structure can be either free-standing or attached to an existing wall and comes in great variety of sizes.

The Garden walls green O2 uses all recycled materials and the system is different and lighter than others available in the market today. It closely mimics nature and also brings nature back into urban concrete environments where the pollution rises; this application of green walls has a tendency to reverse this trend.

Like the beautiful saying " Vividhtaa mein Ektaa" (Unity in diversity) is the key for us to carefully chose thousands of different plants to create striking and cutting edge green walls design, to bring or to restore the nature balance. Green O2 is also known as living walls, bio walls, Eco walls, or vertical gardens or in French, mur végétal.

The French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc was a pioneer by creating the first vertical garden over 35 years ago. And the actual inventor is Stanley Hart White, a Professor of Landscape Architecture who patented a green wall system in 1938.

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